Dooriyon se farak nahi padta..

Baat toh ❤ ki nazdikiyon se hoti hai..

Dil ke rishte toh kismat se bante hai..


Mulakat toh na jaane kitno se hoti hai…


A nice lesson 

😇 *One day,all the disciples went to their master’ and said, “Master, Master, we all are going on a pilgrimage.*
*Master: Why you want to go on a pilgrimage trip?*
*Disciples: So that we can improve our devotion.*
*Master: OK. Then do me a favour. Please take this Karela (bitter gourd) along with you and wherever you go and whichever temple you visit, place it in the alter of the Deity, take the blessings and bring it back.* 
*So, not only the disciples but the Karela also went on pilgrimage, temple to temple.* 
*And finally when they came back, the Master said, “cook that Karela and serve it to me.”* 
*The disciples cooked it and served it to the master. After having the first bite, the master said,* 
*Disciples: What’s so surprising?*
*Master: Even after the pilgrimage the karela is still bitter.* 

*How come???’*
*Disciples: But that’s the very nature of the Karela, Master.*
Master: That’s what I am saying. *

*Unless you change your nature, pilgrimage will not make any difference.* 
*So, you & I, if we do not change ourselves no teacher or guru can make a difference in our lives.*
*If you think positively,*

*Sound becomes music,*

*Movement become dance,*

*Smile becomes laughter,*

*Mind becomes meditative and*

*Life becomes a* *celebration.*



Littered everywhere 

In my brain 

Throughout my memories 

On my arms


Shed everywhere 

The bedsheets 

The bathtub 

My heart 


Stained everywhere 

The pillow 

The diary 

My face 

Friends and family 

Concerned and worried 

Checking my arms for cuts 


The cuts are internal 

The fire 

Once flaming and large 

Now smoking and gone

The joy 

Once bright and beautiful 

Now dull and dead 

The love 

Once warm and young 

Now cold and old 


Crippling me physically 

Deteriorating me mentally 

Killing me emotionally 


Attacking me physically 

Taunting me mentally 

Scarring me emotionally 

The pain won’t stop 

The happiness will never be found 

The fire is gone 

The scars are eternal. 

Ultimate philosophy. 

A pregnant mother asked her daughter, “What do u want- A brother or a sister?“
Daughter:- Brother
Mother:- Like whom?
Daughter:- Like RAVAN
Mother:- What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your mind?
Daughter:- Why not Mom? He left all his Royalship &

Kingdom, all because his sister was disrespected.

Even after picking up his enemy’s wife, he didn’t ever touch her. Why wouldn’t I want to have a brother like him?

What would I do with a brother like Ram who left his pregnant wife after listening to a “Dhobi” though his wife always stood by his side like a shadow? After giving “Agni Pareeksha” & suffering 14 years of exile.

Mom, you being a wife & sister to someone, until when will you keep on asking for a “RAM” as your son???
Mother was in tears.

Moral:- No one in the world is good or bad. Its just an interpretation about someone. Change Ur perception
Not everyone who goes to  a club is characterless and not evryone who goes to a temple is pure, so DON’T JUDGE !!
Irony of life :
A temple is a very interesting place – The poor beg outside & the rich beg inside…
Ultimate philosophy👌👌

A thought. 

Forgive me for daydreams. I am drifting Through the afternoon. Lazily.My breathy laughter scatters dandelions to The wind and this dictates nothing. 

Honey becomes clouds in my tea or perhaps lemons become lace around my thighs-there is no telling. 

I have spent over 23years with a full head of possibilities,

Many married to each other in some untold way,

I only let the world gaze through window.

 The poem is a window. 

There will always be whispers as hammers.

Hammers masked as whispers. 

I can only refuse to let the glass shatter. 

what does words mean 

“Your words may have been small but they still manage to leave such an imprint in my heart. There are words that will always stick with me, always. Some things you can’t ever forget, some words will always play around your head. That’s what I love about word’s, that’s the beauty of them…….. Just by saying something so small, it can be so powerful and stick with someone forever.”