I miss you 

Was I a fool

To have ever let you go

Was I a fool

To let my emotions flow
For all I know, I think I was

Because now I know…

I miss you


Your smile was my sunshine

And your tears were my doom

Because every time you cried

It was my heart that gloomed
So just come back to me

Let that love still be


I miss you

I cannot forget those eyes

One glance into them

And time just flies.

I cherished every moment with you

Not once did I not

That is until my heart went blue

And i let loose on loves knot
I know I broke your heart

But let me give our love a new start


I miss you


Don’t let the memories become

Shattered dreams

Mended by hatred and grind

For I might be an atheist

But I ask you to forgive my sins
So let me feel love too

And let me prove it to you


I miss you

Untold love

A room filled with known people

And yet my eyes looked for you

Wandering in the hall 

I fumbled next to you.

Every one went silent

Not a voice to be heard 

Just me and you

As I mumbled a few words

I just glanced at you

“Oh how beautiful you look”

In the last black dress you’ll wear

And by your beauty,I was still shook

I knew you wouldn’t say anything 

I knew my love went stale

For you wouldn’t open your eyes 

And your skin went cold and pale 

With a heavy heart as I was about to leave

I saw a note, with words written in blue

I cried a river and read out loud

“The last thing on my mind was you”

It is that when I knew 

Our love true

Because the last thing on my mind

Would also be you 

The Hidden Valentine

Again came another valentines day,
of wonderful love and hearts play,

where everyone sang the song of love,

and togetherness was here to stay.
Among all the happiness

there sat one soul,

sitting at the window

trying to fill the hole
When everyone shared gifts and kisses,

she sat there smiling but alone,

wishing for someone to be there for her

but it was just her memories to mourn.
A smile holding a thousand sorrows

and her clothes hid her scars,

this valentine too her emotions had died

like the death of a twinkling star
Oh how she wished she too was loved

how she did not want to be used everyday,

how for her every valentine that came

brought ever lasting scars and her life went grey
The only red she saw that day

was her own blood from her body

no roses,no chocolates, just screaming and shouting 

And to help her there was nobody. 
Not every soul gets the love it deserves

not everyone is lucky enough,

Live those happy moments you have

Someone else just wishes for a bit of crest in the trough. 
Helpless she sat there crying

covering her scars, she gave up trying

she my friend was,
The hidden valentine

**Domestic violence leaves hatred and scars, Physical scars hurt, and take their time to heal, but psychological scars never heal. It leaves the person emotionally imbalanced and with no desire to live. A call to all those who have been a victim of domestic violence

You’re not alone**

This is epic 😂

​I called an old school friend and asked what  he was doing now ?

He replied that he was currently working on :
*Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium and steel under a constrained environment*
_*I was impressed ….*_
Baad me soch soch ke dimaag pe zor de k samajh aaya ki Woh bartan dho raha tha garam paani mein …

biwi ki nigraani mein .. 🤓
*… The beauty of English is infinite !*